Monday, July 8, 2013


The life of a missionary is a life filled with amazing adventures and endless transitions. 

This past week marked the beginning of my year and a half away from Didinga (three months of Home Assignment and one year of Bible studies).  This will be the longest period of time that I will have been away from South Sudan since moving there in 2008.  

Saying goodbye to those we love and venturing off into the unknown is never easy.  However, it is the perfect opportunity to practice 1 Peter 5:7 - "Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you."

Thursday, July 11th I will land in Spokane, Washington and begin my three months of scheduled Home Assignment.  With family, friends and supporters scattered throughout the US and Canada, it should be a busy summer season! 

In January, I will begin a year of full-time Bible studies.  I am still in the process of choosing a school.  I am looking for a graduate level, in depth, one year Bible program; with an emphasis on cross-cultural missions and discipleship.  My ever growing list of possibilities includes:  Moody Chicago or Michigan, Columbia International University located in South Carolina and the Bible Institute of South Africa.

Please pray for clarity of direction as I endeavor to choose the suitable place.

I will be remaining with AIM throughout the coming year as I do plan to return to my work in Didinga.  Thank you for your continued partnership!

With love and appreciation,

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Steve said...

Hey Kim, I hope your time in the US is being fruitful. Where did you decide to study? My son, Joe, is at Moody- I know you were considering.

I know you are praying for S. Sudan in their time of struggle. Is any of the turmoil near your region?

Blessings, Steve